The history of Scandinavian Christmas (Yule)

Let us first go back some 5 – 6.000 years to the megalithic era, the stone age. Ever noticed that almost all megalithic structures are observatories? Almost all point to the rising sun at the midwinter solstice? Logically, a very important day back then. It still is. Probably the world’s oldest and still living tradition.

So, celebrating the turn of the sun is number one of the three basics for Christmas.
Now, how would you celebrate the turning of the sun? Most likely by lighting candles, making fires and anything else that could help the sun to come back again. We still do, but the lights are in the windows, Christmas tree our yard etc.

Number two.
If you give someone a gift and they don’t appreciate it, would you give the same person another gift? Not likely.
Nature has given us a big gift; food. If we don’t show our appreciation to nature, will nature give us food next year? It was crucial for us humans to show our gratitude towards nature during this holiday. How? By being generous. Eat till you drop, share, give, abundantly.

Number three.
Halloween started the time of darkness, where ghosts, goblins, demons, witches, gnomes, trolls – simply all gruesome creatures roam the earth. The night of the midwinter solstice was the culmination and the morning sun the day after broke that evil spell.

Welcome to share my knowledge about the old Christmas!