Depression, oh, sweet depression!


I promised a friend (probably a bunch), to write down all my knowledge and experience from my depressions.


So, I’ll keep it short! (Well, there flew my credibility).

  1. Don’t ever trust yourself while being depressed. Your brain does not work properly! Your brain will tell you stuff that isn’t true. Your judgement will be extremely limited. Depressed people usually only see one or maybe two options. In reality, there are lots more.
  2. Rock bottom. Yep, you’re there. Now, it will only get upwards. Just wait.
  3. Your brain in running in circles. It’s hard to change a thought, right? Use tricks. Stretch, turn around, walk, see a movie. When you’re in a locked position, know that you only need to change that position just a little, the get out of that mental state.
  4. You are loved. Your brain protects itself by telling you that you’re not loved. Your brain is lying!
  5. You might think that you’re freeing your family and friends by “disappearing”. In fact, you’re not. Things will get a lot worse for you, for them and for everything. Better endure, take medication, get drugged, anything – just don’t think that you’ll be showing love by dying!
  6. Eat! I know it’s hard with no appetite. But, your brain will fix itself easier with more nutrition. Even if you feel you’re going to throw up, taking a bite will show you, you’re not.
  7. Don’t forget music. It gets your brain in a different thought-path.
  8. Don’t agree on any responsibilities.
  9. Don’t write to-do lists. Write each little to-do on a scrap paper, put them in a jar, and then when you’re on to do something, pick a paper. This way you won’t see a long list with to-do’s that’ll get anyone down.


Defamation (Ärekränkning)

Defending one’s honor. Being offended. Lately it’s been kind of a fashion to become offended. Now, being offended is the same as getting your honor fractured. Or, to offend someone, is the same as to smear someone else’s honor.

Once, honor had to do with power, status, position within society but stripping all those things away, it’s all about the money. The less money you have, the more easily defamed. To protect your power (with less cash) you’d get noisier about honor and being offended.

Now, in society today, where more and more people couldn’t care less about someone’s imagined honor or power, I don’t understand why so many suddenly are getting offended. Isn’t it just a way to claim some power in a society where more and more is getting out of hand?

I need to get back to another of my hypothesis, “Result of the lack of religion”.

Lack of religion is called Atheism, (which kind of is a religion by it self). An atheistic society cannot survive without implementing “humanism” (liberalism). Since there is no God to tell us who’s good or bad, we need to tell ourselves that everyone is equally good or bad. Starts with removing gender. Men and women are equal. But, they’re really not, biology and evolution made sure of that. So, we need to remove gender to become completely equal. Next step is defining what equality is. Are rich and famous people equal to poor and mainstream folks? Is a criminal equal to a law-abiding citizen? You cannot have all people being completely equal, if you don’t remove moral. Now, having removed moral… ah, you’ll figure the rest out.

Our western world today, with our roots embedded in Christianity, have hard time living up to our own standards. It is way easier to remove moral than to live up to it. Besides, we’re constantly under attack from other cultures with other values. Who are we to think that our values are the right ones? Especially when we no longer want to rely on the Christian God. What is right and wrong? The human rights according to the UN? Well, wasn’t that just the ideas of the good, old, western, Christian world?

So, being offended, is the result of your loss of self-worth. If you’re no longer a child of God, then who are you? A child of some bacteria? Or a spiritual fraction of a greater cosmos, longing to get home (to something indefinable)?

So, all of you readers, it’s time to step backwards. One step at a time. Maybe millions of years actually defined men and women as separate beings, having the same value but not being equal. Maybe there’s a reason for us humans to be protective of our cultures. As I was forced to look at my own Celtic/Pagan/Scandinavian/Christian/secularized culture to understand that what I thought was right and wrong was basically just formed by my culture. Well, if my culture isn’t the “right” one, then who’s is? My conclusion was that there is no culture on earth today that can be considered “the right one”. Only God’s culture is the right one. But, hey – there are parts in His culture I don’t like. Too bad for me! I’m offended! The problem isn’t that His is wrong, it’s mine that’s wrong. Therefore, wherever you are on this planet. Part of your culture might be right and the other parts might be wrong.

Well, when you get offended or hurt, think of why. Usually the person who’s offending you is the one with the greater problem.

Hugs! (As long as I don’t offend someone) …

Dracula, the opera

So, we finally got to the opera. We wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the fact that our friend Karen Kamensek happened to be the conductor for the Swedish Dracula opera. Not that I don’t like opera. I like those kind of events, but we simply don’t have kind of money.

It was fun. The show contained all you could want concerning old fashioned theater effects. The story was surprisingly true to Bram Stoker’s original. The music… well, nothing that remains after the show. Modern, and it felt almost random. I confess, in this case, I’m old fashioned. It was a great evening with family all dressed up and fantasizing being in the world of upper class for a night. Thanks Karen for making us come!